I learned about Occupational Therapy a few years ago while volunteering at a local hospital, translating for a team of PT and OT students and professors visiting Haiti from Sherbrooke University (Canada). Working with the OT students totally changed my career ideas. My heart was stolen from the minute I saw the OTs connecting with patients.

I learned of FSRL from one of the visiting Sherbrooke professors. After seeing FSRL and talking with Dean O’Flynn, my parents and I decided this was an opportunity for me to get the OT degree I wanted close to home. At FSRL, I can get my education in a Haitian setting, with a Haitian perspective. This will give me a better tool kit to serve my community in Haiti.

FSRL is giving me what, I think, will make me a great therapist, in my country and close to my family. I am grateful for this awesome opportunity!