Marjorie Dimanche

Marjorie Dimanche, was born and raised in Haiti.  She received training in physical therapy as an apprentice to a PT from England, at St. Vincent’s Center for Handicapped Children in Port-au-Prince.  She worked as the principal therapy provider and clinic supervisor for ten years.  In 1999 she received a visa to travel to the US to work.  She started her legal application for US citizenship, which is still in process today in 2014.  Even though Gabby had experience working as a therapy provider, she did not have the academic degree needed to do the same work in the US.  She became a Certified Nursing Assistant, studied English, and worked at two or sometimes three jobs so that she could send money to support the education and daily needs of her husband and two children in Haiti.  She has accompanied rehabilitation teams from the US to Haiti, working as a translator for medical caregivers.