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HRF Annual Report for 2017

The Haiti Rehabilitation Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization registered in the state of New York. It was formed to provide logistical and financial support for academic education of rehabilitation professionals in Haiti.


2017 marked another important first on the Léogâne campus: the FSRL* upper classmen began their field work training at clinic sites all over Haiti. This means that in 2017 the dream became a reality, with FSRL students beginning to treat those in Haiti suffering from physical impairments!

*FSRL is the 4-year degree program in rehabilitation therapy at Faculté des Sciences de Réhabilitation de Léogâne (FSRL) within Université Episcopale d’Haïti

We need your support to continue the important work that is now bearing fruit. Because of your past support, FSRL students are receiving a first-rate education in Haiti, and will be able to provide therapy to those living with disabilities in Haiti. Clinics and hospitals all across Haiti will be lining up shortly to hire these skilled clinicians. Some students already have secured post-graduation employment in Haiti, to begin in early 2020.

I want to share my first-hand experience of having served as a volunteer faculty member on campus a couple of months ago (that’s me in the photo with Emerson, one of the students). Like the other volunteer faculty, I took a week of vacation from my job and paid for my trip to Haiti in order to teach. On the basis of this experience, I can report that the FSRL students are really topnotch: They are engaged, capable, and determined to use this learning opportunity to full advantage. They are also compassionate young people who have witnessed hardship and suffering, and are committed to improving the lives of those suffering from physical impairments.

I urge you to support FSRL because this educational program is bearing fruit! Please donate now . Consider making a long-term commitment to supporting a student – $4,000 covers tuition, room, and board for one student for a year. The FSRL program is primarily supported by YOU, our donors, the volunteer faculty, and the Haiti Rehab Foundation board members. Together we can keep this program growing!

Janis Handte — President, Haiti Rehabilitation Foundation (HRF)

2017 Milestones


Students participate in the FSRL Wheelchair Workshop, under the direction of OTs Mary Jo Wagner and Meredith Kaulbach.


FSRL presents a research poster at the Yale University 2017 Global Health and Innovation Conference. The presenters are (L to R) Dominique Laurent, Janet O’Flynn, and Patty Coker-Bolt.


Second year students travel to clinical sites to receive field work training. Shown here, two second year students, Michaud and Merly, review cases in Les Cayes at Foundation Tous Ensemble, under the guidance of FSRL faculty volunteer, Ruth Cross, PT, from England.


FSRL rising sophomores, juniors, and their Dean celebrate the 2nd birthday of the FSRL program at a nearby beach. The day included games on the beach, cake, and a talent show.

Thirteen new students matriculate as the newest OT/PT students at FSRL, bringing the student body of FSRL to 28.

With the influx of the freshmen, the FSIL campus has run out of dorm room space. The 2nd and 3rd year students move to an off-campus residence in Léogâne at the Guest House of L’Hôpital St. Croix.


Dean Janet O’Flynn accepts a contribution for FSRL from Kate Foss on behalf of the Rotary Club in Corning, NY. The contribution will help to furnish a classroom.


Third year students take field trips to clinical centers in Haiti for the course “Professional Issues in Haiti”, including a trip to St. Vincent’s Center.


My name is Ramona Joëlle Adrien and I am an Occupational Therapy student at FSRL. I began my college education in a PT program in the US, but I decided to return home because it would be easier for my family.

I learned about Occupational Therapy a few years ago while volunteering at a local hospital, translating for a team of PT and OT students and professors visiting Haiti from Sherbrooke University (Canada). Working with the OT students totally changed my career ideas toward becoming an OT. My heart was stolen from the minute I saw the OTs connecting with patients. OTs help people by adjusting the patient’s environment to their needs, making them as comfortable as possible. I am a devoted people person and I could see this work was right for me.

I learned of FSRL from one of the visiting Sherbrooke professors. After seeing FSRL and talking with Dean O’Flynn, my parents and I decided this was an opportunity for me to get the OT degree I wanted close to home. At FSRL, I can get my education in a Haitian setting, with a Haitian perspective. This will give me a better tool kit to serve my community in Haiti.

FSRL is giving me what, I think, will make me a great therapist, in my country and close to my family. I am grateful for this awesome opportunity!

3rd year, OT student



The OT/PT program at UNEPH has grown from just a dream in 2014 to a real degree program for 28 students in 2017. We need your help to keep admitting and training more talented and compassionate young Haitians! Please donate today.

Please make checks payable to Haiti Rehabilitation Foundation, P.O. Box 183, Hamilton, NY 13349

Tax ID 47-1919844


It is with great gratitude that we honor the faculty who volunteered to prepare the coursework and to teach the courses at FSRL. Without the donation of their time and travel, FSRL could not function.

Julie Booth, DPT, PT David Cameron, PhD, PT Denise Cameron, PhD, PT Shirley Celestin, OT
Sarah Cline, DPT, PT Patty Coker-Bolt, PhD, OT Ruth Cross, PT Tracy Dignum, MS, PT
Jean Dornevil, DPT, PT Kathryn Fischer, MS, RN Jami Flick, MS, OT Audrey Forbes, OT
Zara Harris, MS, OT Carolyn Howell, PT Meredith Kaulbach, OT Autumn Marshall, MSOT
Claudia Medeiros, DPT, PT Carmen Moliner, OT, MSc David Morrisette, PT, DPT Rhonda Nisbett, PT
Marilys Randolph, PhD, PT Linda Robinson, PT Nicole Theus, DPT, PT Jackson Thomas, PT, EdD
Mary Jo Wagner, OT Russell Woodman, MS, PT Rachel Woodson, PT Rachel Zimmerman, DPT


Clinical training through field work is integral to the FSRL education. This map shows the clinics and hospitals all over Haiti where our students have (or will shortly) become active participants in patient care.


  • Rick Bolt, MD
  • Renee Brown, PhD
  • Marjorie Dimanche Dorestant
  • Catherine Feintuch, PhD
  • Monique Germain, EdD, Liaison, Haiti Nursing Foundation
  • Janis Handte, MPH, President
  • Zara Harris, MS OT
  • Maureen Jesuthasan
  • David Morrisette, PhD, PT
  • Janet O’Flynn, OTD, Acting Dean of FSRL
  • Yves Roséus, OTD
  • Sabrina Salvant, OTD
  • Judith Straub, LCSW, Treasurer
  • Robin Tacchetti, PT
  • Thomas Tamlyn, JD, Secretary


  • Dr. Jean-Lucien Bernard, Rector of UNEPH
  • Dr. Hilda Alcindor, Dean of FSIL Nursing School
  • The Rev. Dr. Frantz Casséus, Canon to the Ordinary of the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti
  • Dr. Janet O’Flynn, Acting Dean of FSRL, President
  • Dr. Robert R. Joseph, Vice-Rector UNEPH, Vice President
  • The Rev. Sadoni Léon, Treasurer
  • Mr. Richard Romage, Secretary
  • The Rev. Frantz Cole
  • Mme. Autumn Marshall
  • Dr. Kate Barrett
  • Dr. Julie Booth
  • Mme. Jami Flick

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  • $100 — support a class for one student

  • $250 — pay tuition for a student for one month

  • $1000 — cover the costs of a visiting faculty member

  • $4000 — pay all expenses (tuition, room and board, uniforms, books and fees) for one student for one year


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Haiti Rehabilitation Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.